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Partex Direct is the web shop of Partex Marking Systems Inc, supplying customers within the US, direct.

Partex US HQ

Partex Marking Systems Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wire marking systems. For over 60 years, Partex markers have been used around the world to identify wires, cables, pipes, hoses and other components quickly and accurately while providing increased efficiency and higher safety levels. The Partex Group has a dedicated tradition of producing high quality products and of providing the highest level of customer service. Partex Marking Systems, Inc. is proud to carry on this tradition in the United States.

Partex Marking Systems, Inc., located in Lombard, Illinois has been a growing subsidiary of the Partex Group servicing the industry across the United States and in parts of Mexico for the past 17 years. Offering high quality products and competitive pricing has enabled continued growth and recognition within several major industries nationwide.

Here at Partex, our standards of commitment and personal service will continue to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. We raise the bar when it comes to meeting our customers' expectations and needs. We are ready to supply you and your company with a standard marking solution or we can engineer a complete customized package to meet your specific needs.

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