Marking Solutions

Pre-Printed Single Character Markers

This method of marking is comprised of a variety of single-character markers that can be combined with one another to create an inexpensive marking solution. These markers are assembled in order of the combinations required to produce the complete legend. Commonly this method is used for small or short legends using fewer characters. Available for marking of wires, cables, and other devices.

Customized Marking Solutions

Our customized marking system, also known as multi-character marking, allows you to order markers pre-printed with the character combination you require. Send us your marking file, and we will take care of the rest. An advantage of this system is receiving the markers pre-sorted by your specifications. The multi-character marking method is best for longer and more advanced legends.

DIY Marking Solutions

On-site marking allows the customer to create markers using one of our printers and our high quality profiles. Customers are free to produce markers when and as they are needed. This helps to cut down on stocking levels and wasted material.


View our list of pre-printed markers available in kits.

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